WLW | Women in a Legal World

Nieves Perulles, managing partner of Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados, has become a member of the jurists women organization “WLW | Women in a Legal World”.

The main objective of this association is to make Spain “a pioneer in the achievement of a diverse legal sector at all levels, in which it is no longer exceptional to see a woman leading a law firm, directing a law school, presiding over the jury at a grand prize or leading the legal service of a listed company”.

Being in contact with other women in the legal sector, communication and mutual support is essential to achieve this goal and is the reason why, from now on, Nieves Perulles, at the head of Fabregat Perulles Sales, promises to take one more step in this direction.

Being part of this collaboration network that has created Women in a Legal World will not only allow us to promote and give visibility to women in the media, institutions, councils, universities, law firms and companies in the legal field, but also to generate a social impact that helps the new generations.

Link: https://womeninalegalworld.com/


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