Participation of Fabregat Perulles Sales Lawyers in the second “Desayuno Canal CEO”

desayuno canal ceo participantesThe second “Desayuno Canal CEO” of 2018 was held on February 16th, in the Alcobendas campus of the European University.

The invited speaker was Carlota Mateos, founder of Rusticae and co-founder and CMO of Plen EAT, who analyzed the importance of the business vision and its adaptation to the environment from a very personal perspective.

Twenty executives from different firms participated in the meeting, including Víctor Fabregat Rubiol, who attended on behalf of Fabregat Perulles Sales Lawyers (co-sponsor of the event), accompanied by the lawyer Marcelo Gui Usabiaga and the economist Alicia Calvet Jiménez.

For more information about the meeting, click on the following link and view the following video:

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