More than a hundred representatives of the Spanish business community including those already active in the market of the Moscow region participated in the “Doing Business with the Moscow region” conference in Madrid, on October 17th, as well as government officials, business developers and consultants.

The implementation of national projects in Russia presents a great opportunity for the partnership of Russian and Spanish entrepreneurs’ according to the Head of the Russian Trade Representation in Spain. In addition to foreign investment support and protection, localisation of production in the Moscow region was a point of discussion. Businesses had an unique opportunity to engage government officials, paticipate in G2B & B2B-interactions and learn about services availiable to support their business. It became clear that apart from support to transnational companies promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, and simplification of doing business in Russia, including easing the tax sphere and expanding access to financial resources are some of the key challenges.

Thanks kindly to the organizers for inviting Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados to attend the up-and-coming Conference. We strongly hope that the 2019 Conference will give us a chance to strengthen our working business relationship.

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