FPS International

Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados is a law firm of reference both in the Spanish-German and the Spanish-Italian markets and is one of the first firms in Barcelona offering a Russian Desk.

Our team has substantial experience both in international transactions and dispute resolution in some of the most relevant international markets for Spain, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Israel.

The international scope of our firm is strengthened by:

International Network.
We maintain long term partnerships with other leading firms located in principal cities of the countries of our economic environment, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Israel, Norway and Israel.

Active participation in International Organizations.
Our team takes part actively in multiple international organizations and institutions

  • Unión Internacional de Abogados. Founded in 1927 and has member in 110 countries. The UIA is a global, multicultural organisation for the legal profession that provides career development, promotes legal expertise, stimulates learning and networking, and advances the rule of law. Web Link
  • Spanish – German Association of Jurists. Various members of our team are active members. One of our partners holds representation on the Association´s Board of Directors.
  • International Association of Italian-speaking Jurists. We participate actively with Italian-speaking lawyers and jurists from all over the world. One of our partners holds representation on the Association´s Board of Directors.
  • Avolink. It is a cooperation of law firms that support each other in representing and defending the interests of their clients in national and international issues. Web Link
  • Circle of German-speaking Directors (KDF) We participate actively in this organisation; the only one of its kind in Spain.
  • German, Italian and British Chambers of Commerce. Our firm is an active member of and collaborates with several international Chambers of Commerce, both participating in seminars and events and through multiple publications.
  • Consulate General of Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia and Norway. Our firm is recognized by and collaborates with various consulates and international institutions.
  • FPS is a member of ASCOM (ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE COMPLIANCE), the most important Spanish Compliance Association since 2018, which belongs to the International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA), which brings together compliance associations from many countries around the world (USA, Ireland, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea), having obtained our specialised lawyers the CESCOM® professional certification as well as the Internationally Certified Compliance Professional, which certify their professional experience in this legal field.

Our team takes part actively in multiple Spanish and international specialized publications.
Our partners are authors or coauthors of the following books:

Firma in Spanien
(Edition für Internationale Wirtschaft 2005). In German language

Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht in Spanien
(Edition für Internationale Wirtschaft 2008). In German language.

Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados has also published the book
How to do Business in Spain
(Editorial Profit 2016), in collaboration with Bové Montero Auditores, written in Russian language.

We are the ideal partner for companies, who like us, have an international scope.