German Desk

We are the ideal partner for companies, who like us, have an international scope.


Our team is composed of German-speaking Spanish lawyers as well as German lawyers. In addition, our law office maintains stable collaboration agreements with other leading firms in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados actively takes part in various international organizations related to the Spanish-German business transactions:

  • Spanish-German Lawyers Association. Different members of our team actively participate at the Association, even holding positions at its Board of Directors.
  • Circle of German-speaking Directors (KDF). Various partners of our law office are members of this circle.
  • German Chamber of Commerce. Our firm is member of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain and actively collaborates with this institution by participating at its conferences and events, as well as working together in the issuance of their publications.

The partners of our firm are authors and coauthors of different books published in German language:

Firma in Spanien
(Edition für Internationale Wirtschaft 2005)
“Company in Spanien”. (Edition for international Economy 2005)

Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht in Spanien
(Edition für Internationale Wirtschaft 2008)
“Commercial and economic law in Spain” (Edition for international economy 2008)

Víctor Fabregat Rubiol

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Nieves Perulles Pérez
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