Fernando Carrasco Gómez

Barcelona Bar Association n° 24.147 (1997)

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Lawyer: Fernando Carrasco Gómez

Civil Litigation. Matrimonial and Family law.
Practicing lawyer since 1997 specialized in Matrimonial law (separations, divorces, life partners, care and custody, matrimonial property regimes, prenuptial agreements, etc.).

Furthermore, Mr Carrasco has a broad experience in Litigation and Civil law, as well as and in several areas concerning private law, both in its judicial and extrajudicial perspectives (contracts, civil liability, lease agreements, horizontal property, etc.).

He is a member of the Catalan Association of Family Lawyers (“Societat Catalana d’Advocats de Família”), as well as of the Sections of Litigation, Civil law, Matrimonial law, Family law and Bankruptcy law of the Barcelona Bar Association and is also a specialist registered at the Barcelona Bar Association regarding the distribution of inheritances.


Spanish, Catalan and English.


. Law Degree. University of Barcelona (1989-1995).
. Advanced Course in Bankruptcy law. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2010).
. Courses at the Barcelona Bar Association: Civil Litigation (2001); Urban Leases (2004); Specialization Course on Gender Violence (2011); several courses on civil procedural law, inheritance law, conflict resolution, taxation on matrimonial crisis, etc.

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