Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

Legal Assessment in relation with all legal aspects regarding agreements, legal action and/or proceedings before all public or private bodies regarding:

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  • Industrial and Intellectual Property Law
Industrial and Intellectual Property Law. Fabregat Perulles Sales Lawyers
  • Patent and Trademark Licensing Agreements.
  • Licensing Rights of Edition, Reproduction, Distribution and Transformation of Data Basis, Literary, Scientific and Musical works.
  • Agreements of Artistic Services, etc.
  • Advertising Campaings, Advertising Agreements, Advertising Diffusion or Creation.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Sportive Working Agreements and Agreements of Explotation of the Image Rights of Sportsmen and Sportswomen.
  • Merchandising, Media, Audiovisual Producers.
  • Companies in the Entertainment and Telecommunication industry, etc.

At Fabregat Perulles Sales, Abogados we practise law based on a high degree of specialisation and technical knowledge of each individual case.

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